What is SpiderPussy about? Well SpiderPussy is one of the top Indie Rock, DANCE Electro, Techno, House, Brit Pop, Mod, Hip-Hop, Miami Bass partys in Miami with 2 rooms of fun, a IndieRock, Hip-Hop room and more. SpiderPussy was started in November 2002, originally at Lola bar, people disillusioned with the stagnant atmosphere that most clubs had to offer. By early 2002 Andrews Lorenzana and Rafael DeOnate had secured a weekly Tuesday night residency in South Beach, Then Lola bar closed down and we move to Lounge 16, and the nights were an immediate success, seemingly getting busier and better with each one. The party was growing each week by February 2004 we needed to move it to a bigger venue, so we moved it to Liquor Lounge, on Thursdays. In January 2005 we move it one more time to Club House but it was a short life. Now SpiderPussy is no longer with SoHo Lounge, THE District, The Mark, CIRCA 28, PS14 or WhiteRoom (eXposure). SpiderPussy is now a traveling party. Your going to LOVE it.

6 Responses to “ABOUT SPIDER-PUSSY”

  1. So where can I go to hang out?? Where’s the new spot Miami?

  2. Karen Actually Says:

    i miss spiderpussy! >: l


  4. are thursday nights the night to go for some good indie?

  5. Hi.
    Me and my cousin Greg would like to party at spiderpussy. Please let me know what’s going on tomorrow April 5ht, my nigga say: Fuck it! but I told him, don’t go by the name, the club is really awesome. He is drunk atm, but do not throw him out of the club, he already got thrown out of Soho about 3 years ago. He loves to party hard though.

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