Depressed Buttons LIVE DJ set by Todd Fink of The Faint @KillYourIdolMIA

Look who is coming to Black † Division Kill Your Idol SUNDAY, NOV 20th 2011 Todd Fink of The Faint as Depressed Buttons LIVE DJ set.

You can’t MISS THIS it’s going to be crazy!

Depressed Buttons are not your typical club DJs. Hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, the Buttons’ influences are rooted in groups like Fugazi, Sonic Youth, Devo, and The Clash, rather than the rhinestone-studded-bottle-service nonsense known to dominate global dance charts. The result is nothing less than a voyage into future music- an exploration of sound composed of angular stabs, thick pads, and clean, minimalist arrangements. But make no mistake, they are here to make you move.

Most commonly known as three-fifths of the genre-bending indie dance outfit, The Faint- Clark Baechle, Todd Fink, and Jacob Thiele are themselves godfathers of the indie dance scene as we know it. As the three members began spinning records at after parties while on tour with the band, they began to use a separate DJ name: Depressed Buttons. This humble beginning eventually launched a new musical endeavor by the three, one that focused on functional club music that does more than make you dance, but pushes interesting concepts while it stokes intensity on the club floor.

Enjoying the freedom of not being locked into a set list, the boys quickly learned new ways to sway the crowds’ momentum with twisted synthesizers, booming kick drums, and computer blips. With the release of QWERTY, Depressed Buttons takes on a life of it’s own, carrying the torch in a quest to move bodies.

Midwestern isolation from the electronic music scene lent itself to a creative process outside of the big city hype meccas. Depressed Buttons aren’t emulating the music they’ve heard, they are making the music they want to hear. A distinct departure from their work as The Faint, Baechle, Thiele, and Fink have trekked headlong into a sprawling field of a genre, exploring it acre by acre, peeking just above the stalks to catch a glimpse of electronic music’s ultimate potential.

Black † Division Kill Your Idol
222 Espanola Way
Miami Beach, FL 33139


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