Peaches will be DJing at Grand Central in Miami – Saturday, September 17th 2011

Peaches: “I usually jump on decks and DJ standing on them. Or I add my own songs or spontaneous raps, or dancers, or I spray champagne on people. It’s just the regular kind of Peaches vibe, but for DJing, which means total mayhem,” she tells Rolling Stone.

For Peaches, the L.A. gig is also a chance to raise awareness of her new production, Peaches Does Herself, which she has staged several times in Berlin. She’s currently looking for financial support to produce it in the U.S.

Peaches Does Herself is like a huge, 40-people cast, crew, huge set pieces from like operating tables and lasers to lots of cast and dancers. We need a backer,” she says. “It’s like the Rocky Horror Picture Show for the next generation.”

Peaches says that like Rocky Horror, which was a musical before it became a film, Peaches Does Herself will also be turned into a movie. “The actual stage production was filmed many times and we’re redesigning the sound so that it will be a film – more like Sandra Bernhard’s Without You I’m Nothing, or a little bit of Tommy and stuff like that,” she says.

One thing that won’t be happening anytime soon is any more performances based on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s material – like Peaches Christ Superstar, her homage to Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar. “Andrew Lloyd Webber is doing his own production and has banned anybody else who is not involved with his particular production for the next two years,” she says. “So I’m actually banned by Andrew Lloyd Wbeber from doing any more productions, which is pretty awesome.”

This coming Saturday, September 17th 2011
at 10:00pm till 5:00am 

Peaches will be DJing at 
Grand Central
697 N Miami Ave
Miami, FL


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