Guest DJ SCORPIO Sunday, April 17th, 2011 @ BLACK † DIVISION, KILL YOUR IDOL.

Sunday, April 17th, 2011 @ BLACK † DIVISION we have Guest DJ SCORPIO (AKA SKY HUTCHENS) with DJs AL B Rotten, Tommy Gun, Essential 6, BONNIE BEATS and friends… & more TBA

…Sound: Italo Disco, Nu Wave, Indie and more…

DJ SCORPIO is from Seattle, WA but currently live in Austin, TX. He DJ’s booking/promoting a party at Beauty Bar on Tuesdays, called EZ Action for nearly three years now. He consider himself an open format DJ, but the main styles he work in are Electro, Indie, New Wave, Post Punk, & Underground Disco.

Artists he spun with, or official after parties for include:
Drop the Lime, The Pinkertones (live), Yelle (DJ set), Vampire Weekend (DJ set), Silversun Pickups (after party), Gaslamp Killer, The Black Angels (live & DJ sets), The Warlocks (live), Spindrift (live), The Ravonettes (live), Pink Mountain Tops (live), Sugar & Gold, (DJ set), Ratatat (DJ set), She Wants Revenge (DJ set), & more.

Go here for the map and address >>>>

Having a “black theme”, means a constant trial of textures and shapes, a base to produce form. A color deemed classic, while simultaneously standing for all things kink. Some say that wearing black is a method of hiding, but I would disagree to say that when at its best, wearing black is a display for what skin you decide to show.

NO COVER DOORS @ 10pm till 5am

$5 PickleBack Shot. Your going to LOVE IT!

Increasingly around the country, bartenders are hearing the slightly odd question, “May I have a Pickleback?” The Pickleback is a two shot drink, thought to have originated in bars in Brooklyn, but no one knows the exact origins of this drink. What is known is that the Pickle Back has become one of the hottest drinks in the country. Simply one shot of Jameson’s Irish whiskey and a second shot of pickle juice, first you take the Jameson’s, folowed by the pickle juice. This drink is both surprising and tasty. Some cutting edge bars have begun to create their own signature pickle juice to pair with Jameson’s.

I can attest that the combination of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey and pickle juice, while sounding odd, can be a delicious combination. I attributes the success of the drink to Jameson’s slightly wood, sweet taste, which, combined with the pickle juice, leaves a rich, umami flavor on the palate. I will warn you, do not accept a pickle back without Jameson’s. Every substitution I have tried has had disastrous results.

When I’m drinking Picklebacks, I usually choose a light lager beer like Dos Equis to complement the flavors. However you choose to enjoy your Pickleback, a light lager style beer will match it perfectly.

Kill Your Idol

222 Espanola Way
Miami Beach, FL

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