What to do on Valentine’s Day?

Are you starting to think of things to do on Valentine’s Day? The key to a special, romantic holiday is planning ahead. Whether you have been in a relationship for a long time or just a few weeks a special Valentine’s Day celebration can make lasting memories.

Many couples like to go out to eat on Valentine’s Day but if you really want to do something with a personal touch try creating a romantic  picnic for the two of you in a special place. Generally you can’t go wrong with making plans to spend time together in a special way.

Men and women think very differently so take this into consideration when you are making your plans for the day. Women, as a general rule, like chick- flick type romantic interludes while guys may prefer more sizzle. Remember that you are planning the day for your spouse (or significant other) and not for yourself. Try to come up with ideas that will make it special for them.

Love Letters
Who can resist love letters?

Channel your inner Shakespeare and send your mate a love letter a day starting on January 30.  Whether you send the letters to the house or to the office doesn’t matter as long as they are received.

If you prefer, you can hide the notes in various places for him/her to find each day.
•    A coat pocket
•    A lunch bag
•    A wallet
•    The dashboard of the car

Use your imagination and find unusual places for the letters to be hidden.  Just make sure that they will be found on schedule.  Hiding one so well that it isn’t found until June is just not that romantic.

Again, as a general rule women will like love letters that are romantic.  They should be about how beautiful she is, how amazing she is, her characteristics, and other pleasing aspects of her personality, beauty, and character.  Men, generally, will like to hear about their sexual prowess, their amazing muscles, and how incredible they are.

Don’t scrimp on the words, and be very generous with your admiration.


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