Britney is going Dubstep on us.


Rusko AKA Chris Mercer is one of the UK’s most prominent dubstep producers and now he is collaborating with Miz Britney Spears!

So what is dubstep? Mercer explains:

“Dub has a pumping underbeat but it’s really quite slow and in dub reggae the main focus of the song is the bass. [In] Dubstep the main focus of the track is the bass line and the half-time beat.

“It’s not superdeep, you don’t listen to it on your iPod in bed with your eyes closed. It’s for jumping up and down and getting wild. Dubstep has become the punk rock of the electronic-music world. Dubstep is … Bang!”

Sounds intense!

Mercer has already produced songs for both Rihanna and T.I. and now he’s going to work on the upcoming Britney record! He says:

“They approach me because they want me to do what I do. They don’t want me to make a cheesy pop record. I just want to be known for my beats. It’s simple. What you see is what you get. Bang! The music.”

This could be good!



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