Escalade 4-Seat American Custom Golf Car

With fine standard appointments such as a simulated Burlwood accented interior, the CADILLAC™ ESCALADE™ Golf/Estate Vehicle from American Custom Golf Cars, Inc., is designed and to be the finest golf car available on the market.  Other standard features include a color matched grill, locking simulated burlwood glove box, and chrome 16″ CADILLAC™ ESCALADE™ wheels.  From project inception to development, American Custom Golf Cars, Inc., has worked closely with CADILLAC™ to construct the car with the meticulous detail that the 2007 CADILLAC™ ESCALADE™ Golf/Estate Vehicle commands and deserves.  Available as a standard 4 seat model or an extended 6 seat ESV model, the new 2007 CADILLAC™ ESCALADE™ can only be licensed by 2007 CADILLAC™ and can only be built by American Custom Golf Cars, Inc..

I would love to have one of these!


You can get one here >>>>

Southern Custom Carts, Inc.
John Baker, Chris Turner
1015 West Broward Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
Phone 954-636-2186, Fax 954-636-1285

Territory: Broward County, Florida


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