What is ChatRoulette? http://ChatRoulette.com/

If you still wonder what is chatroulette, a small tour on Youtube may be a good idea before to make the experience by yourself. Warning, these examples are ok, but you may see many inappropriate webcams as well…

Even if you may discuss during a long time from time to time, it is quite sure that Chatroulette is dedicated to only show sex webcams and so on… and the worst of the worst as well.



9 Responses to “What is ChatRoulette? http://ChatRoulette.com/”

  1. hi this is ne for me

  2. I like to know what is knew in here..

  3. Alexandra991 Says:

    hellooooo 😛

  4. I’m good…))

  5. chatoulette so much a new trend youtube facebook social networking sites a great alternative

    chatroulette to meet people from every country, and presents a platform for a variety of different people and groups with new people all the time diversity cikabilmekte.Bu out and sharing these innovations chatroulette’in unofficial blogs (http://chatrulette.blogspot.com/ etc.) can be followed ./12.01.2011 12:56:59

  6. Hello i wanna regeter in chatulette

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