Casey’s Socialite Ex “Devastated” Over Death ;o(

Courtenay Semel is opening up about the death of her former girlfriend, Casey Johnson.

Semel (whose dad is former ex-Yahoo boss Terry Semel) has been expressing some of her feelings through Twitter and even her Blackberry Messenger account.

Just last night, she tweeted “LOVE U CJ FOREVER AND EVER…C U in my dreams X CJS.”

Using techie icons and abbreviations, she changed her Blackberry Messenger screenname today to “<3CJS’s<‘s CJ<3” (or for those not up on social networking lingo, that pretty much translates to “Courtenay loves Casey.”)

It’s absolutely no secret that Semel and the Johnson & Johnson heiress’ relationship was more than rocky…

Most recently, Semel blasted Johnson’s engagement to Tila Tequila.

A source says the ring that Johnson gave to Tequila, whom Semel also once dated, is actually the same one she gave Semel when they got secretly engaged last year during a trip to the Sundance Film Festival. Semel has insisted it’s fake and not 17 carats like the newly engaged couple had claimed.

And when Johnson was arrested in November and charged with stealing jewelry, shoes, legal documents and clothing from British model and socialite Jasmine Lennard, it was Semel who turned her in.

“Despite the current state of their relationship, Courtenay is devastated,” a source close to Semel tells us. “I know their relationship was true love. They were superclose and understood each other’s socialite background.”

And when things were good between Johnson and Semel, they were real good.

“They were so in love that they were working on a reality show about their relationship called Love Is in the Heiress,” our source says. “The show didn’t end up working out because they broke up.”


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