LIVE DJ set by Debbie D of Avenue D & Nektar @PS14, Tuesday!

Tuesday, January 1st 2008

Dear SpiderPussy Friends,

Its been 5 years of SpiderPussy fun times and we would like to thank you all for making it what it is, happy holidays!

This year just flown by, WOW! Well its time for a NEW one, 2008!

So now that the NEW YEAR is here. We know that there’s going to be party’s everywhere in South Beach and Downtown Miami on the 31st and we know that some of you don’t like going out that night at all because your maybe with the family or of the $500 to $800 admissions at the clubs. So we would like to invite you for FREE (NO COVER) to PS14 on Tuesday, January 1st 2008 on NEW YEARS NIGHT, yes a night where you can party for FREE and you can be 18+ to do it. This week we are happy to say that our friends Debbie D of Avenue D and Nektar we’ll be throwing a LIVE DJ set. We’ll have CHEAP DRINKS and 2-4-1 DRINKS. In room one its time for KARAOKE Tuesday, hosted by Uncle Rafael, Grandpa Andrews, DJ Nipples & The Coeds Linda, Carolina, Katrina. Every first Tuesday of every month we do this so look out for it, its FUN! We also have DJ AL B Rotten and DJ Nipples will be throwing down Raw Indie Rock, Dance Electro and more in room one and in room two DJ Johnny Strokes throwing down Hip-Hop, Reggae & more. We’re keeping it real, come by and add to the debauchery!

Karaoke By KJ Ste7en of Kara-O-King.

Every Tuesday Night!
28 NE 14 Street.
Downtown Miami, 33132

DJ-Debbie-D.gif picture by SpiderPussy


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