Lets party this Tuesday night at PS14!!!

OK so this weekend was WOW, good timesssss, Suite was popping for the new Thursday night in the side room, photos up on my facebook. Friday we all got so out of control with the last MISFIT FRIDAYS till we move it to the new club after that we all ended up at PS14 to top off the night. Sat WOWOWOWOW, like at 8pm we all stopped by the NEW opening of Y3 store in the design district and everyone and there mom’s was there and then we all ended up at the NEW club White Room cool party. Sunday night we all stopped by Purdy Lounge in the back room we all got out of there like at 4am DAMMM!

OK so time for this week party’s to begin. Monday movie night or love hate. Tuesday SpiderPussy at PS14 is time to party with DJs DS363, Pusher FM, AL B Rotten and Johnny Strokes and the graffiti boys in the back throwing down. so come by and have some bottles LOL or some beers! New photos coming soon.



One Response to “Lets party this Tuesday night at PS14!!!”

  1. well done sir. like the flyer. well… at least what it says. keep rockin’ brotha’

    mike p.

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