This Tuesday, Halloween PARTYYYYYYYY! Lets DO IT!!

OMG Thank you thank you to everyone that came by MISFIT @STUDIO A this Fri, it was out of hand, thanks to DJ Tommie Sunshine and DJ Grizzzzzzzz, OBI & Captain Awesome!! After Studio A we all headed over to Delmar pad and got Fu*#ed up LOL! Got up on Sat and we all decided to go over to the mall to get some outfit to party it out that night at Circa 28 and it was jaming with DJ RAY MILIAN, Carlos Llanos, Lolo and Johnvincent and more. Sunday was out of control at Chocolate Sundays I DJed (DJ AL B ROTTEN), Ray and Jessica Who, DAM!!!!!

This Tuesday @SpiderPu$$y we are going to go crazy at PS14 with a HALLOWEEN Costume Contest, come dressed as what ever you like and you can WIN a $100. We did not want to exclude anyone from the contest by saying dress up as your favorite 80’s classic ROCK & ROLL star. So if you have a cool a$$ costume well come on down and PARTY with us! José El Rey and esotERIC we’ll be throwing down LIVE and yes Mickey Avalon will be doing a live show so come by!!!!! 2-4-1’sssss and 18++++!!!!

Oh and Tuesday, Nov 6th, Karaoke Tuesdays every first Tuesday of every month party with all your karaoke 80’s hits & more with host uncle Rafael, grandpa Andrews, DJ Nipples & The Coeds Linda & Carolina.

28 NE 14 Street
Downtown Miami, FL 33132

Lets party our assssss’s!!!!!

Look below for some photos of last week ane this Fri, Sat, Sun >>>>>


Photos at MISFIT >>>> with Tommie Sunshine >>>>


More photos to come :o) >>>>
To look at flyre >>>>

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HalloweenParty2.gif picture by SpiderPussy

KaraokeTuesdays.gif picture by SpiderPussy


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    click flyer for website

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