LARRY TEE, LIVE DJ set – Tuesday, July 24th

-Tuesday, July 24th
>>>> SpiderPussy <<<<

Thanks to everyone that came by last week for the Chongalicious Girls WOW was that a good ass night or what? Well this week coming up is going to be more FUN with a live DJ set by LARRY TEE and our hosts Phillipe L. B-DAY JAM and T-Shirts, Clothing By FIFTYTHREE.BIZ or go to 53CLOTHING.COM to see more on them.

Andrews Lorenzana & Rafael De Onate would like to thank you all for helping us make SpiderPussy what it is today. Next week hosted by Jake Jefferson we have JUICEBOXXX for SpiderPussy 5 Year Anniversary! SEE you there :o) ❤

Larry Tee
(born Lawrence Thom on October 12th, 1959) is an internationally-renowned DJ, club promoter, and music producer who coined the word Electroclash and helped launch the careers of such artists as Scissor Sisters, Fischerspooner, RuPaul, Peaches, and Avenue D, among others. For more on him go here >>>>
or go to he’s MySpace >>>>

With DJ’s:




-Tuesday, July 31st

SpiderPussy 5 Year Anniversary
with a live performance by JUICEBOXXX, WOW this is going to be a FUN!

Milwaukee Electro
by RYLE7,

I like it Retro. I like it Ghetto. But more importantly I like it when today’s artists knows what’s up and gives the people what they want– a motherfuckin’ good show! Rapper/Producer/Performance Artist Juiceboxxx is just that. He’s been getting a lot of blog action and some main stream write ups like MixMag. Some have dubbed him the male version of Peaches. Others are calling him electro-geek-rap. One reviewer called him Lil’ Kim’s little white brother. I see him more on the lines of art school stuff.

Remember when you where a kid and you use to mix and make juice cocktails because you were like soooo bored with the normal favors? Mixing Orange soda with grape juice with a splash of 7-up…Well that’s Juiceboxxx. The music production is high energy beats over fun goof-ball lyrics. And his partner in crime, Dre Skull keeps the box juicy.

I think his best attribute is catching him LIVE “fur sure”. This kid goes NUTS under the bright lights of a stage! Crawling on the floor, crowd surfing and screaming into the mic like Jesus Christ was on the receiving end. He’s also been playing all the right parties and catching on very quickly. He’s been hanging out in San Fran with Sleazemore and partying at Webster Hall in NYC. His fashion style is soooo early 90s and his attitude is “Let’s have FUN!”

The hot traxxx right now is “Sweat”. A nice blend of quick aerobic workout beats accompanied by a very catchy harmonic piano. I love the end of the song were he’s screaming “GO” over a pounding drum solo. That’s when you get out of your seat and jump around, jump up up and get down! JUmp JuMp JuMP JUmP!

The video clip I’m including is “Thunder Jam 3”. I found “Thunder Jam 1.” Which then leads me to believe there must be “Thunder Jam 2” somewhere out there. There’s is however a 2007 Thunder Jam 4 featuring Japanther thats more on the spacey basement show side.


Miami’s going to get a live performances by the Juiceboxxx for SpiderPussy 5th Anniversary Party, next month on Tuesday July 31st. And I’m excited to be apart of this show. So mark your calendars, figure out what you’re wearing now and take the next day off from work—it’s gonna be hectic. Couple of things you should keep in mind. Juiceboxxx is meant to be fun so leave the pretentiousness at home and instead exchange it for a few vodka tonics! And Ohhhh be ready to DANCE… REAL HARD!

SpiderPussy @PS14
28 NE 14 street, Miami, FL 33132

P.S. Go get the NEW CLOSER magazine SpiderPussy is featured in it. You may see photos of you in it >>>>


New photos of last week Chongalicious Girls.



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